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November 08 2017

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aleksandramariab Wroclaw, Poland

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I exist in two places.
Here, and where you are.
— Margaret Atwood
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Take me someplace where we can be silent together.

— Elizabeth Gilbert
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W różnych okresach życia czyta się ten sam tekst - różnie.
— Ryszard Kapuściński – Lapidaria IV-VI
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Making people laugh is kind of the best feeling you can give them.

You can have sex with them or make them laugh. But often people stop speaking to people they’ve had sex with, but people never stop speaking to people who’ve made them laugh.

It’s an important thing in all our lives. More important than we realize.

— Chris Rock
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5 days! <3

November 07 2017

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November 04 2017

9 days! <3
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Jest taka cierpienia granica, za którą się uśmiech pogodny zaczyna.
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November 01 2017

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